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COVID-19 and the Impending Racism

Updated: May 17, 2020

Across America people are encapsulated with a tremendous amount of fear, worry, and anxiety. However, as these emotions and impending concerns rise, an incredible level of racism and xenophobia has increased with it. Xenophobia or the dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries, has swept the nation as people are fathoming the idea that all Chinese people are responsible for the Corona outbreak simply because the first reported cases were in China. It is incedibly evident that this is not the case, but as politicians refer to this virus as the “Chinese Virus” an incredible level of hate and discrimination has spiked as a reult. Across the U.S., Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have reported of anti-asian assaults, harassment and hate crimes at school, in stores, on the streets and on the subway. Additionally on April 5th in San Marcos, CA, an Asian Woman was verbally harassed in a Costco parking lot by a male who blamed the women and all Chinese people for the virus (FOX 16). Although it is incredibly evident that is not the case, many people choose to not believe that. As a result, if you see this happent it is important to take a stand and stop the spread of this discrimination and hate. Additionally, a main reason for this commentary may be due to a lack of education, a reason I believe leads to the spread of many of these issues. But what is incredibly important during these situations is to know how to respond to racism and xenophobia regarding the coronavirus. To do so, please refer to How to respond to coronavirus racism. For further information please view the following sites: Asian Americans In Chicago Feel The Bite Of Prejudice During The Spread Of The Coronavirus and standing to anti-asian racism.

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