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What is BIPOC?

The acronym BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. 

In the United States, Black Americans have been called a variety of terms and names. However, in recent weeks, as protests against police brutality and racism have gained much attention, a more inclusive term has been assigned to the population: BIPOC.

While it is now present across many platforms of social media, The New York Times found it referenced on twitter as early as 2013. 

The phrase “people of color”, however, dates back centuries - The Oxford English Dictionary's earliest reference for "person of color" is from the French gens (or hommes) de couleur, in the late 18th century” and is often abbreviated as POC. The two other letters, for black and Indigenous, were recently added in the acronym to account for black people with darker skin and Native American people. BIPOC “is meant to unite all people of color in the work for liberation while intentionally acknowledging that not all people of color face the same levels of injustice. By specifically naming Black and Indigenous people we are recognizing that Black and Indigenous people face the worst consequences of systemic white supremacy, classism and settler colonialism.” (

To learn more, please go to The BIPOC Project. A Black, Indigenous, & People of Color Movement.

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